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Global Blocks for Cornerstone

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Note: Global Blocks have now been integrated into Cornerstone and Pro Themes, so this plugin is no longer needed.

Have you ever wished you could create a section in Cornerstone and re-use it on multiple pages? How about doing that, and being able to edit them all in one shot? Well, wish no more. Introducing the Global Blocks for Cornerstone, brought you by Michael Bourne.

Oh, it’s also free for life.

This is a lightweight, easy to use plugin that allows you to create a “global block”, which is our way of saying a template that can be created in one location and reused anywhere. On top of that, once you edit the global block, everywhere it has been used will be updated as well.

How do I get it?

Your first step will be to download the Global Blocks for Cornerstone plugin directly off the WordPress repo.

global blocks for cornerstone

Global Blocks for Cornerstone

Once installed, you will see a new entry in your wp-admin navigation called “Global Blocks”. This is a Custom Post Type created specifically for this plugin. It will be Cornerstone enabled by default.

Adding a Global Block.

Click Global Blocks > Add New. When adding a new block, you are free to use the default editor or Cornerstone. The default template when using X theme will be “Blank – No Container, No Header, No Footer”. This will give you a blank palette in which to create your block. Here you can make any layout imaginable in Cornerstone, with all available elements. What’s more is any custom CSS or JS you enter in Cornerstone will be printed (inline) with the Global Block where ever it is used.

Using the Global Block in a page.

After creating your block, open Cornerstone on the page you want to use ue it and simply drag the custom element where you want it. Select your chosen block from the drop down and it will appear! My advice here is to plan ahead for margins and padding. Most users will want to set the receiving section to 0 padding, and disable column container on the row. This way the Global Block will fill the entire section.

Global Blocks element

Custom Cornerstone Element

And that’s it! We are currently at version 1.0.0 and are open to any ideas for future advancements or new plugins. Roy and I are both accomplished WordPress developers, and we are eager to help the Themeco ecosystem with plugins such as this.


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Vlad Sharov

comment image

I tried Installing your plugin, but get this error every time.

Have both tried automatic search from plugin database and uploading manually, says the same thing every time.

Michael Bourne

Hey Vlad, thanks for pointing this out. A quick workaround to this error is to go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and activating from that screen.
However I believe I see what the problem was, the svn tag folder was saved inside the trunk folder by mistake. I just pushed a quick amendment to that and I installed it on two sites error free.

Kyle Bailey

Worked like a champ for me! So easy and convenient vs the way I’ve seen others do similar things.

Michael Tchong

What if I wanted to insert these global blocks into posts, where I only use text not Cornerstone?

Michael Tchong

Never mind, I figured it out.

Billl Hodgson

I just installed the latest update and GB has disappeared from the sidebar and the elements picker. XPro site, latest WordPress. Bill

Billl Hodgson

LOL – super real time support, just testing it now. The X templates approach is a mess, good idea but they should integrate your code.

Billl Hodgson

Now working – I had to move my block to “Published” to make it appear on the dropdown for the GB element. Not sure it that’s normal but it’s working now.


FYI, moving a global block to trash does not remove it from view when using a short code. I haven’t tried with the cornerstone element to see if that makes any difference..

thanks for a great plugin 🙂


Hi Michael, Paul, I’ve discovered a bug you might or might not be aware of—There is a visual glitch in Pro edit-mode when using “The Grid” shortcodes in global blocks. Here’s the exact scenario: 1) Create global block with a Tab element 2) Add Grid shortcode (ex. [the_grid name=”abc”]) to one of the tabs 3) Publish global block 4) Add published global block to a page 5) BUG: The images contained within “The Grid” shortcode show up all over the page containing that global block with the abovementioned shortcode, when in edit mode. Note: They only show up in edit… Read more »


Thanks Michael!


You can use CSS to target the Grid while editing, and hide it with display:none. While not perfect, it will avoid the mess when editing but not effect live views.


So basically Global blocks is a cool template that I can use say for like contact forms or newsletters signups and place anywhere on my pages? Very cool!


Hi Michael –

Can you tell me how / where to place a fb pixel on x-theme website (without child page) that will work across all pages of the site?

Many thanks,


Main Pal


I created a global block and added in a page, but, it shows Comment form at the end of the page. I have turned off “Allow Comments” for the page in Cornerstone General Settings. It is not happening on any other page. Please help.

URL is: http://staging2.williamsrealtyutah.com/agents/

Main Pal

Jay Lowrance

Thanks Michael – I have found so many uses for this already!

One thing I am having trouble with. When I want to move a block to a different place in the Cornerstone editor it doesn’t allow me to grab it. It only highlights the text in the block. I have to delete it from its current location and place it again where I want it.

Any tips to resolve this?


Jay Lowrance

Easy enough. That worked – thanks for tip!

Eric Greenspan

I am getting a 500 server error when using the plugin. I can’t decipher the exact error on the page but I can’t get a post to save when using the Global Blocks. Probably a plugin conflict. I love and need this really bad. Can you advise? This is the page I tried it on. https://processaccountant.com/kahn-method/

Kirk Williams

This plugin piqued my interest when I first noticed it, yet having been bogged down with multiple projects, it became a “back burner” item.

I can’t tell you how FURIOUS I am at myself for not installing this sooner. Global blocks are an absolute godsend in terms of saving precious time! I’m still cringing at the hours I could have saved by checking this out sooner.

Thank you!

Jacob Charles Dietz

I’ve used Global Blocks on a few sites now and it’s truly a lifesaver. so thank you for this great addition to X-based sites. A site I’m currently working had something go funky and Global Blocks was removed and as such, I lost the two blocks I had setup, leaving shortcode in their place. I can rebuild the blocks relatively easily, but the shortcode lives on TONs of pages, so I was wondering if there was a way to change the block ID on the new blocks or if I have to roll the dice on a fond/replace and hope… Read more »


Jacob – Try the plugin Better Search & Replace. That will search through your entire database and can easily change those strings for you.

Aaron Lentz

Phenomenal Plugins guys! Any plans on updating it with the new X Elements?

Jan Hoogland

Hi Michael, do you know when Global Blocks will work with the new X Pro 1.2.7? I want to update a X Pro site but it is full with Global Blocks 😉


Hello! Loved the video I found of this on the X Theme Resources YouTube Channel but I’m having some trouble implementing it. When I add the block via Cornerstone it shows up just fine, but when I view the page it simply says


Where the content should be. Do you know what might be causing this?


Hello, with the last update, I’m having big issues. Some time it work, and some time all I see is a bunch of code instead and I can’t install any global block. Any update planning soon ? I don’t want to find an other solution…

Daniel Kerr

Any news on this plugin working with the latest version of Pro?
Any other solutions that work I could possibly use in the meantime?



I’m very glad I found this. The site designer set up a section that appears on most pages – but it includes a picture that’s already out of date… My boss asked me to update it, and I realised I’ll have to manually delete the old block and add the new one on every page – but I intend to redesign that bit soon anyway.

When I do so, it’ll be a global block for sure!

Many thanks.


I am getting a {{yeild}} when I use this in a widget. Are we able to use it in them? Any help is appreciated.


Can you tell me how to put shortcode of golbal blocks in widgeted area? I am trying to put code in “Text” widget but it is not showing.