Using Cloudflare Rocket Loader with X Theme 5 and Themeco Pro

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Cloudflare has quickly become a popular choice among X users, and that’s no surprise. But early on we all noticed one distinct problem: Rocket Loader didn’t play nicely with Cornerstone.

We quickly discovered that using a page rule to exclude cornerstone URLs from performance was the key to success. But with this new update, the target URL has changed. This is what you need to change your page rule to if you upgrade to X Theme 5 or Themeco Pro:

Cloudflare Pagerule


However, if you have changed the path of the builder in the settings (the following image), or yours is different (some have reported seeing “pro” as the default slug, replace “x” in the page rule with the proper slug.

Custom Cornerstone path

That’s it. Remember this is only necessary after upgrading from X Theme 4. Chris Schwartz has pointed out that you may need to clear your cache(s) in order for this to take effect, so it’s likely a good idea to do that as well.

Bonus settings: it has been confirmed that minification in CloudFlare can break X Theme 5 and Pro Theme, so be sure to disable them.

CloudFlare Speed Settings

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Boom! Michael for president.


I’ve tried this (on Pro 1.1.0) and it doesn’t work 🙁
Cornerstone does the:
“Uh oh!
An unidentifiable error is preventing the live preview from loading. Switching to Skeleton Mode.”
But when I go in and manually disable Rocket Loader it’s fine…
Any ideas?


I’m using the latest version of X Pro with and the default URL looks like **, so have added this as well as set Rocket Loader to OFF and Cache Level Bypass as well as tried your above settings, however, still get the “Uh oh! An unidentifiable error is preventing the live preview from loading. Switching to Skeleton Mode.” Any other suggestions of things I could try to get past this?


I have applied the rule on my page and unchecked JavaScript and CSS. Rocket Loader should be automatic? I am also using Supercache from SiteGround, should I not?


Hello Michael,
thank you for your Post.

It was useful for me to update to X Theme 5.

Just a question, please, about Auto Minify.

I confirm that I had disable Auto Minify for JavaScript and CSS, but I still loosing about 2 second than before (4.6.4).

Do you have some suggestions about that, please?

Best Regards,



Hi, thanks for the info!
I used the settings on cloudflare and speed is great but on my homepage the counters don’t work..
Is there a sollution so i can stil use rocketloader and kepping my counters alife?