Gridpane Discount? Here ya go.

GridPane Coupon Code

Looking for a discount to test out GridPane yourself? Done. How about 4 different coupon codes for 4 different plans? I've got your back. I was able to negotiate some incredible deals for my audience, and I'm sharing them all here with you.

What is GridPane? In their own words:

GridPane helps Serious WordPress Agencies crush their hosting problems, once and for all.

If you haven't heard, GridPane is a hosting management system. They don't own the servers, rather you spin them up directly through approved providers like Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode, using your own API key. That means you own the servers. They will automatically install a proprietary "stack" to the server, similar to an operating system on your computer.

This is what powers the server to host websites. And their stack is fast. Very fast. With built in Redis object caching and the choice between Redis or NGINX page caching, I've seen these servers perform better than every other competitor.

I've migrated most of my own websites to GridPane and I've been nothing but happy with the results. Besides their best in class technology, their support is the best I've ever seen from a server management company. Tickets answered in minutes, by people who understand my problems.

With my GridPane coupon code, you get 2 months of free hosting, on me. If you opt for an annual plan, you end up with 4 months total for free compared to a monthly subscription. Many of you will want to try monthly to get a feel for it, and I can't blame you. But if you're familiar with systems like RunCloud, ServerPilot, or even Cloudways, this will be a calk walk for you, and you won't be disappointed.

Heads up! These GridPane coupons have expired, we are working with GridPane to make new ones for 2023.

Pro Plan Coupon Codes

The Pro Plan at GridPane is their entry level offering, providing you the same blazing fast stack and management panel with a few less bells and whistles.

Strike while the iron is hot, cause this plan is rumored to be going away soon.

2 Months free when signing up for a monthly subscription:


4 Months free when signing up for an annual subscription:


Developer Plan Coupon Codes

The Developer Plan at GridPane is the cream of the crop plan. Fast stack. All the features. Access to beta upgrades.

And word on the street is that prices will be going up significantly in 2020 Q4.

2 Months free when signing up for a monthly subscription:


4 Months free when signing up for an annual subscription:

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