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Speed Optimisation

Using Cloudflare with WordPress in 2021

For years I’ve championed the use of Cloudflare wo WordPress developers and business owners. That’s never changed. What has changed is Cloudflare itself. Bigger and better every single year, but that means we need an updated guide for you to reference. Here it is, no frills, just direct settings and screenshots for how I setup Cloudflare for optimal WordPress performance. … Read More


Yoast’s “Enhanced Slack Sharing” feature… improved.

The recent Yoast update came with a cool new feature: Enhanced Slack Sharing. This isn’t magic, it’s using existing Twitter-based meta tags in the HTML to add extra data to previews. Slack uses these still (Twitter dropped support), hence the name. Here’s what it looks like: The extra meta tags added now give us an author and an estimated reading … Read More

Customizing WordPress

Dynamic Open Graph images using Microlink Cards

There’s one thing I dislike about blogging, and that’s creating a custom open graph image for each blog post. Even with a handy PSD template, I often forget. Worse yet, when I want to change them, I’m left editing all my existing posts. The good news is that there is a better way to do this. Dynamic open graph images. … Read More

X Theme & Pro Theme

Enabling AJAX Add to Cart on single product views, with X overlay

One simple tweak I make on many of my Woocommerce based websites is to enable the AJAX add to cart functionality. In many cases, having the user directed to a cart page isn’t ideal for your shop, and a hard reload to the same page is just silly. Someone in the Themeco community asked about how to do this, so I’m sharing the code I use.

X Theme & Pro Theme

Override the Pro Theme header assignment for specific pages and conditions

Themeco’s Pro Header Builder is pretty amazing. But what do you do when the specific page you’d like to target isn’t available as an assignment? How about when you want to show a specific header for logged in users? Or for different user roles? This little PHP snippet will do just that.


Speed Matters. The X Theme web hosting review.

As we continue on the topic of website speed, it’s important to note one of the biggest contributing factors: your host. A great host can launch your site to speeds unimaginable by others, and a poor host can hold you back by great lengths.

X Theme & Pro Theme

Global Blocks for Cornerstone

Have you ever wished you could create a section in Cornerstone and re-use it on multiple pages? How about doing that, and being able to edit them all in one shot? Well, wish no more. Introducing the Global Blocks for Cornerstone.