Using Cloudflare Rocket Loader with X Theme 5 and Themeco Pro

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Cloudflare has quickly become a popular choice among X users, and that’s no surprise. But early on we all noticed one distinct problem: Rocket Loader didn’t play nicely with Cornerstone. We quickly discovered that using a page rule to exclude cornerstone URLs from performance was the key to success. But with this new update, the target URL has changed. This … Read More

Updated Cornerstone Modal Plugin

Plugins, X Theme and Pro Theme6 Comments

Steve Woody’s Cornerstone Modal plugin has been used by a ton of X Theme users. During beta testing of the new version of X, I became aware that a few modifications were needed to make it compatible. Here is an updated version. How to choose the best wordpress host for x theme

Swap Columns on Mobile

X Theme and Pro Theme13 Comments

How can I swap columns on mobile? That question has been asked so many times, but sadly the answer has never been consistent. I’m going to show you two ways to achieve the effect of swapping columns on mobile with this tip. How I swap columns. I want to preface that there are a few methods to achieve this, and … Read More

Create Your Own Custom Tabbed Content

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So you want to create your own tabs, eh? Recently a group member asked about creating their own tabbed content using images as the tabs. I posted the generic code needed to achieve the effect but decided it would make a neat little tip to put on the site as well. Tabbed content is great for formatting groups of text … Read More